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Subcontracting Services

Temporary Staffing Services

For company representatives

The strength of WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT's temporary staffing services lies in the dispatch of multilingual interpreters and various types of manufacturing temporary staffing related to overseas business.

Advantages of utilizing Temporary Staffing


Our staffing services can be used as interpreters and lifestyle support when utilizing foreign nationals.

Our extensive network of interpreters enables us to respond quickly.


Utilize the right people at the right place at the right term when your company needs them

We can flexibly assign your business needs from short-term to long-term.


Convert labor costs from fixed to variable

In times of uncertainty, it is wise to reduce fixed costs like labor expenses when developing effective business strategies.By utilizing our staffing services, labor costs can help to convert to “variable expenses”.


Reduce recruitment and hiring costs

Our temporary staffing service eliminates the need for your company to conduct recruiting activities, which saves you the costs associated with recruiting and hiring. You can quickly and easily secure the personnel you need.


Reduced labor management costs

Payroll calculation and social insurance enrollment procedures are no longer required.Our services reduce the burden and cost of labor management.

Main Usage Scenes for Temporary Staffing

Interpreters need when utilizing Technical Intern Trainees
Temporary demand for additional staff during peak season
Staffing needs for new business launches, etc.
Employees are too busy with routine work to focus on core business

Subcontracting Services

WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT provides Subcontracting Services as follows;

Subcontracting Services Packages of WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT

WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT offers unique Subcontracting Services Packages.
We will be happy to make proposals according to your needs.

Subcontracting Services Packages of WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT




of an environment



We can respond to productivity improvement, production cost
reduction, and the "5-year rule"of the Labor Contract Law.

Subcontracting Services of WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT

Based on the Voice of the Customer (V.O.C.), WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT creates an operational policy and plan, subdivides the work, and puts it into the operational level.
We will set up regular meetings to update our clients about their projects. This will help us share updates, tackle concerns, and keep communication open.

Subcontracting Services of WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT

The Clients

Shared Purpose and Goals


The Regular meeting of Subcontracting Services of WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT with Clients

The Regular Meeting with Clients

Regular reports on progress and performance

[ Reporting on the progress of Subcontracting Services ]

[ Reporting on the progress of quality and compliance management ]