Business introduction

We solve your recruitment challenges by optimizing the use of foreign nationals.

WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT provides human resource services related to the utilization of foreign nationals.

We undertake a one-stop service, including interviews and procedures leading up to the acceptance of Technical Intern Trainees and Specified Skilled Workers, housing arrangements after they arrive in Japan, education and training before the start of Technical Intern Training, and so on.

Moreover, we support foreign nationals after their technical intern training begins.


Human resource consulting services taking advantage of our strengths as a global company

WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT is one of WORLD HOLDINGS group companies listed in the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
WORLD HOLDINGS operates in four business sectors: human resources and education, real estate, information and telecommunications, and agricultural parks.
We provide global human resource consulting services by leveraging the strengths of our group, which also operates in China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the USA, and so on.


Our human resource service experts provide consistent support from the recruitment of Technical Intern Trainees after Technical Intern Training.


employment/acceptance/various procedures of foreign nationals

We support procedures related to the employment/acceptance of foreign nationals.

  • Formulation of introduction plan, the decision of Trainees
  • Support for documents preparation
  • Submission of documents to embassy/immigration application
  • Japanese language education in their home country

preparation/mediation of housing for foreign nationals

Our experts create an environment in which technical intern trainees can focus on their internship safely and securely by providing compliance-oriented support and representative service of management.
We pick up the Trainees at the airport, arrange their housing, and prepare their equipment and infrastructure for their stay in Japan.


education/training for foreign nationals

We support companies accepting foreign nationals and Technical Intern Trainees in their daily lives and Japanese language education after they arrive in Japan.

  • Japanese Language Education
  • Business manners training
  • Daily life manners training
During the Technical
Intern Training

Supports relating to Technical Intern Training for foreigners

After finishing lectures following entry into Japan, foreign nationals are assigned to each of their technical intern training implementing organizations.
We back them up with the support of daily life, representation in emergencies/at the occurrence of troubles, learning Japanese, examination preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and so on.

  • Daily life supports
  • Representation in emergencies/at the occurrence of troubles
  • Supports learning Japanese, examination preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
After completion of
Technical Intern Training

Supports for foreign workers in Japan

We assist in renewing foreign workers’ proficiency measurement/status of residence when they need to.
We also provide support for foreign workers of reinstalment in their home countries.

  • Assist in renewing proficiency measurement/status of residence
  • Supports of reinstatement to work