The One-Stop Support Services for accepting
foreign nationals

We provide management support in the utilization of global human resources.

Your business challenges in staffing and overseas expansion are solved by the optimized utilization of global human resources under your situation and requirements.


Support Contents

The support provided by WORLD GLOBAL SUPPORT for the One-Stop Support Services for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources is as follows;

Support Service for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources and Representative Service of Management.

We provide management support for utilizing Specified Skilled Workers, including preparing application documents, establishing a living environment, and from their arrival in Japan and departure.

The One-Stop Support Services from selecting supervising cooperatives/sending organizations to the living aspects of foreign nationals

We provide the One-Stop Support Services from selecting safe and secure supervising cooperatives/sending organizations to property search, various contract procedures, arrangement of furniture and appliances, management services, and cancellation procedures.

01Selecting safe and secure supervising cooperatives

Compliance, rigorous audits, and overseas personnel follow-up by selected supervising cooperatives

02Selecting safe and secure sending organizations

The well-developed education system, integrity, responsibility, discipline, cooperation, and compassion by selected sending organizations

03Supports of Workplace Environment

Dispatch of exclusive interpreters and translators, labor management representation, and application representation to administrative organs

04Supports of Living Environment

Multilingual support (24 hours), Lifeline (dormitory, utility contract), SIM card support, Wi-Fi in the dormitory, Furniture and appliance leasing, overseas remittance, Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments support

Main support in daily life

We provide the One-Stop Support Services that contributes to solving issues in many areas in addition to infrastructure development, including housing, communication environment, overseas remittances, translation/interpretation, medical support, and Japanese language study support.

01Supports of Housing Arrangement

Since it is difficult for foreign nationals to search for housing and find a guarantor to sign a rental contract by themselves, they need support from their employer, supervisory organization, or registered support organization.In many cases, Real estate companies and owners refuse to allow foreign nationals to move in, making housing arrangements difficult.We have a business alliance with companies that has a nationwide network of properties available for foreign nationals in Japan.

02Supports for Telecommunication Environment Improvement

Communicating with family in the home country, talking with friends, watching movies, and listening to music on the Internet during holidays and after finishing work are high priorities for mental health.
Moreover, the communication environment is essential for disaster communication and announcements.
We offer you a stable and inexpensive telecommunication environment without a credit card.

03Supports of Overseas Remittance


Many Technical Intern Trainees send remittances to their home countries.
We need to guide them to the correct means of remittance to prevent them from using illegal underground remittances as a gateway to crime.
We offer foreign nationals to money transfer companies that are inexpensive, fast in receiving payments, and can issue the necessary statements for tax deductions for dependents.

04Group Training Facility for the post-entry lectures

We introduce group training facilities for the post-entry lectures for the Technical Intern Training Program.
We offer you excellent facilities with years of experience.